Before the beginning of spring in 1971, Arlene Chiqui Guerrero was born in Quezon City, Philippines. As the only child, she and her mother left the country and moved to Union City, California. Their frequent moves around the Bay Area gave her freedom and peace in drawing. Her painting did not conceive until the mid-1990s where she experimented with paint. It took nearly a decade before she found her love in acrylic and oil paintings. 


Arlene is self-taught; however, around 2007, she took several art classes at the Honolulu Academy Arts. Moreover, in 2015 she received her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Full Sail University supplementing her art skill towards understanding her theories of artwork. Additionally, she successfully completed her Master's degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and doing various projects around her community and in the business sector.


Arlene did her first art launch showing in 2009 at the Circus Gallery in Haleiwa following an art exhibition in 2012 at the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu. Since the last two years, she did two other art exhibits: Huki Pau! and ArtInTime. (Credit to Dr. KJ Baysa). She is currently working as an artist, freelance graphic designer, business broker, student of innovation, and a community outreach associate as part of the AmeriCorps with Olelo Community Media. Arlene lives in Mākaha, Hawai’i since 2006.