Arlene demonstrated and acquired several skills in business. She has over two decades of working experience both in corporate and as an independent contractor in several industries within the financial management areas and other partnership ventures. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design with a 3.1 GPA and a Masters degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship with a 3.8 GPA at Full Sail University. She also received a Course Director’s Award in Entrepreneurial Finance and acquired a numerous certifications.

She acquired several certifications and training encompassing in business-related trainings: Computerized Business Systems (CBS), Communication Hardware-Software Integration/Workplace Support, How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service, Hawaii Department of Education Substitute Teacher, ‘Ōlelo Community Media Center Basic Video Production, Universal Principles of Design, Pitching to Investors, Strategic Planning Foundations, Six Sigma Foundations, Mergers and Acquisition Foundations, and Finance Foundations. 

In 2003, she became a co-owner of a trucking company and operated the business for more than 6 years. Through this venture, she developed strong relationships with several major freight forwarder logistics companies and government entities even until this day. The business relationships she acquired had proven to further develop her skill set and grew exponentially well into valuing her customers, associates and their clientele, partners, business friends, and many more to mention. Arlene consulted scores of small business owners since 2011, owns and manages a diverse small business networking group of 490+ members and growing. Furthermore, she has over 17 years of background experience in accounting/bookkeeping including software applications. Possesses more than 25 years of experience as a visual artist and exhibited her artwork on several occasions locally.  In addition to her continued higher education, it supplemented her graphic design skills, marketing, networking, and small business consultations abilities.

In January 2018, her passion in business grew even further where she continues to supplement her skills and was trained as a Business Broker under Pacific Rim Business Consultants. She was grandfathered in and continues to expand her skills and capabilities in the industry. Arlene can perform a business valuation (broker’s opinion) and facilitate the sale of a business acquisition for several different industries. Arlene is currently a volunteer as an Advisory Board Chairperson with Academy Creative Media at James Campbell High School.